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This display kit consists of a Cateye Velo8 bicycle speedometer (yes, a bicycle speedometer!), calibrated and set up to measure wind speed in mph or kph. Can also be set up to read out in knots (see the instructions).
It is for use with Inspeed Vortex Series Wind Sensors, with BARE WIRE connections to the wind sensor (note that the Flex Wire and Mag Mount Anemometers have jack connections).

The Cateye Velo8 Display Kit includes the following:

  • A Cateye Velo8 Bicycle Speedometer, calibrated to mph for the Inspeed Vortex Wind Sensors
  • Velcro backing and extra piece to mount the display wherever you wish
  • Cut/trimmed wire ends for direct connection to the Vortex Wind Sensor

So - nothing is required for connection or operation - just connect and go!

The Cateye goes to "sleep" when there is no wind or when disconnected; automatically wakes up when it see the rotor spinning.

NOTE: the averaging function works for a maximum of roughly 24 hours. If you desire longer averaging, we offer the Sigma Sport BC1200 Display Kit. Contact us for more information.

Display Kit

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