Vavuud Smartphone Windmeter
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This is a new "electronics-less" device by Vaavud, located in Denmark. It consists of a rotor that plugs into the headphone jack of your smartphone and, with a simple app, displays wind speed information.  It is also GPS enabled and easily connects to Weendy, so you can share your information with the world. Welcome to 21st century hand-held wind speed monitoring.

The Vaavud wind meter works with all iPhones from 4 and onwards, and all iPads from 2 and onwards, running on iOS 6 or 7.

With regards to Android phones we have currently confirmed it to work with Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 and HTC one, as well as a number of other devices. Check out this post in our knowledge base to see the complete list.

  • Vaavud is the word for wind, in the language of the Norse Gods, according to Norse mythology.
  • The Vaavud wind meter comes with a free app for iPhone or Android, and it will be possible for thid party apps to integrate the Vaavud functionality into their user interface
  • The Vaavud app uses the magnetic field sensor that is built into all modern smartphones. The wind meter itself contains no electronics; just a couple of small magnets. The rotations are then measured with the magnetic field sensor and converted to wind speed
  • the technology is Patent Pending
  • the Vaavud anemometer is very durable, and in the unlikely event that sand, dirt, etc. should get into the moving parts the snap-fit design allows for easy disassembly by the user for cleaning with water.
  • the electronic-less design also means fewer moving parts and less chance of failure
  • the spinning cups are insensitive to the direction of the wind, regardless of how the user holds the device.


Vavuud Smartphone Windmeter

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