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The Inspeed WindSwitch is intended for turning electrical devices on and off based on the speed of the wind. A microprocessor is used to measure the speed of the wind, and take a 5-second average. When this 5-second average exceeds the selected trip speed, a single pole, 2-position relay is activated. When the 5-second average wind speed drops below the selected trip speed, the relay is deactivated.

It is fully compatible with the Inspeed Vortex Wind Sensor (not included), which can be situated up to hundreds of feet away.

Also compatible with the Inspeed Display Kit (not included).

The way it works is simple:

  • connect your device to the screw terminals, which include Normally Open or a Normally Closed options.
  • select the dipswitch setting that represents your desired trip speed:
    5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 mph.
    Note that the reset speed is 85% of the trip speed.
  • Plug in the Windswitch.
  • All set!



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