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Inspeed™ was created in 2001 to create and sell affordable instruments for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

It started as a project to develop a low cost speedometer windsurfers (someday!).  The Vortex™Hand Held Wind Meter happened along the way - it was originally intended for windsurfers & sailors, but we discovered a myriad of things out there that need wind speed!  Such fun - from kiting to target shooting to science projects to teaching - and beyond.

The Hand-Held led to the Pole Mount Anemometer - a popular, low cost instrument for folks who just like (or need!) to know how hard the wind is blowing out there.  The Pole Mount led to the world of Storm Chasing - and the Flex Wire & Magnetic Mount versions for folks who want a less permanent installation.  

We have sold thousands of anemometers and gages and have enjoyed all the interactions with customers all over the world - from Greece to Brazil to China to Singapore to Alaska and beyond.

Our commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction can be found in everything we do.  Inspeed is all about solid products, value, and customer service.  The kind of place we would want to do business with ourselves.  

We became LLC during the summer of 2004. We are a small outfit and operate nights and weekends for the most part. Email is best, apologies if we are not there to answer the phone.

We hope you enjoy our products and our web site. Email us your comments, we want your feedback!

email:  lorenzo(at)  (spelled this way to avoid spam)